Behind the Scenes: Boys & Girls Club of Weld County

Nonprofits need a way to send their message to potential donors, and video production is an excellent way to tell your organization’s story and demonstrate why your cause is important. By keeping your mission concise and making a call to action while you have the viewer’s attention, you can make an extremely effective appeal for your cause. With the right combination of storytelling, visual cues, immersive audio, and real-life examples of your organization helping people, a video can be the perfect medium for raising awareness of your cause and getting donations.

In this video for the Boys & Girls Club of Weld County, Rocket House Pictures was asked to incorporate a music video into Club House members Testimonials. We chose to film inside their gym because we could control daylight a little better. We divided the filming in 3 days, having the testimonials on the first day, B-Roll on the second and finally the music video portion on the third.

We believe video is about people for people — as a Colorado based video production company, we fully engage in giving back to our community. Every year we select a nonprofit to donate to, volunteer for, or create video with. Because for us, helping others isn’t something that’s nice to do, it’s something everyone should do.

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