Behing the Scenes: Tea Cup Gorilla

Teacup Gorilla is a Denver, CO band that performs dark indie-rock songs and evocative poetry — often compared to early Modest Mouse, Low, or the Velvet Underground. In the summer of 2015 they released a debut EP (The Holes They Leave) along with the multimedia novel Riding SideSaddle*. In 2016, they collaborated with Buntport Theater, adapting the novel for the stage, and underscoring it live to rave reviews.

We developed a concept for their first music video to match their unconventional music style. A robot had to be made from scratch and scraps, where we would project the singer's face onto it. It was a little ---- but we managed to pull it off. We used EVA foam to create the torso and styrofoam to sculpt the head. We also added El Rey neon lights to the design which helped create a little more contour to robot.

Principal photography took place at The Bakery. This venue is great for infinite backgrounds since the whole space is painted black. With the help of a Haze Machine we were able to hide undesirable corners and light the set properly. Overall it was a great shoot, especially because the band is super professional and adaptable to any new ideas we threw at them during the filming. 

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