Quasar Science LED Lights

LEDs sure have come a long way these last couple of years. Now days, you’ll rarely see them not being used on more major movies, indy films and documentaries. At Rocket House Pictures, the Quasar Science lights are now on the top of our list for "most used lights." Not only is the color coming out of the light spot on, but the output and light quality is amazing.   With these lights being such a large light source, and are so small, they’re perfect for several different lighting scenarios. We can’t rant and rave more about these lights. 


We recently shot a music video using Quasar Science Lights using inspiration from Levi Whitney's (from UpHill Cinema) review of the Quasar Science Q-LED LINEAR LAMPS while using color cues from Texas-based designer Magdiel Lopez artwork.

Music Video for Ramya's new single "Why can't we Love"

Available now on iTunes:

Director & DP: Gio Toninelo
1st AC & B-Cam: Eric J. Hall
AD: Jennifer Le Grand
PA: Mira Carniol
Produced by Rocket House Pictures

Twitter: @ramya_sinha
Instagram: @ramya_sinha
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Ramya-Sinha/100011453812194
Website: www.ramyaweb.com

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