KMT: Befriended

 Shannon L. Metoyer, also known as KMT (Kemet), was born in Detroit, MI. He was born on June 4th, 1990. However, most of his life was spent in Denver and Aurora, CO. Currently 25 years of age, he was previously known for Break-dancing, representing 3 Dance Crews: Elevated Styles Crew (Denver, CO), Lost in Translation (Aurora, CO/ San Diego, CA), and Soul Mechanics Crew (Colorado Springs, CO/ Las Vegas, NV). Nearly 8 years of performances in this area gave him a deep craving for the energy produced by crowds in the magic of artwork. After winning awards in such events, such as the Young Authors Association from as early as 3rd grade, Shannon began to focus his creative prowess in another branch of Hip Hop, Emceeing. Utilizing witty wordplay, multiple entendre, and multi-syllable rhyme schemes of various speeds, he at this point is a self-proclaimed “Word Smith”. 

“I want people to unlock new meaning from the song every time they listen to it. If you listen deep enough you’ll not only learn about the way I think, but about the way you do as well.” – KMT 


Denver music video production

Within the first Year of his rap career he was able to amass quite the following with various shows under the Rap Group Red Car Robbers. Long since separated, KMT aims to reshape the world from its path of destruction to its peaceful alternative; combining Science, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Innate knowledge of both Religious and Occult origin, and Esoteric beliefs.

“You are only limited by the extent of your Imagination.” – KMT  

- Song Produced by "NY Bangers"
- Beat by "NY Bangers"
- Original Music by "NY Bangers"
- Video produced by "Rocket House Pictures" and "Shannon Metoyer"
- Art Direction by "Jennifer Le Grand"
- Cinematography by "Gio Toninelo"

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