Let there be light: LS 600d Pro - Aputure

In the high output lighting world, Aputure is one of the leading branding companies. They have just released brand-new and powerful light storm 600d Pro LED light. The new Lightstorm 600D Pro LED light is now available to buy. This light is quite expensive, nearly $1,890.00.


600d Pro LED light is much more powerful than any other lights in the market. This light is twice the output of the Aputure 300dii they launched. High output is also its key features. It is over 20,000 lux at one meter away from its bare chip on the 600d pro and almost 100,000lux with its hyper reflector on. Newshooter says that the light has a new 55° Hyper- Reflector, which makes its output goes up a lot.

Control Box & Powering

The whole kit weighs 25.45lbs or 11.11kg with its control box. It is a so heavy and bigger. The connects at the top of the control box and at its bottom, there is a 20-foot/6-meter cord which operates the main power. And, you can power the light by V-mount or Gold mount batteries. For example, if you use 14.4-volt batteries, you can only be able run the light at half power. If you want to run at full power, and you’ll either need 26v batteries at 18A or 28.8V batteries at 16A. Additionally, the control box can also charge your batteries when connected to mains power if the unit is powered off or below at least 70% intensity when using linear dimming curve. You can also control studio mode if you like to control the light from a master switch or breaker. It is also equipped with a fan adjustment which has a on/off mode. The off mode is also a silent mode to turn down the fan. When your light will get so hot, you can use this mode. For its fan noise, it is a little louder than aputure 300dii. 

Aputure LS 600d PRO







Controls & Connectivity

You can use the knob on its back and buttons on the control box which are straightforward and simple. Overall, it is easy to use. Also, there is a DMX512 in and out ports on the bottom as well as wireless DMX art-net, and ethernet. The light also comes with aputure’s standard remote-a old one. You can have it using sidus link app. Additionally, the light has 8 built-in lighting effects, such as faulty bulb, lighting and ect. The control box has a 48v/15a dc input on the bottom. If you want to power it from an external battery station.

Build Quality

The aputure 600d pro is a solid construction and great details. It also has a curved, handbrake-locking yoke that enable you to rotate the light on 360-dgree. With its mounting support for dual junior and baby pin setups. It accepts bownes mount modifiers. Most importantly, they say the light can withstand inclement weather conditions, such as dust, light rain, and water spray.

Photometrics & Color

For its photometrics and color, it is so great. With a CRT&TLCI of 96 and a daylight SSI of 72, color rendering is pleasing and very accurate. It is rated for 5600k+/-200. Its green /magenta shift was 0.1G, meaning this light leans a little more magenta. It maybe a good thing for new LED as they tend to green up a bit over time.


Aputure 600d pro is a great and brightest light in the market. Aputure always improves their products and technology to create a better device for people, Aputure proves this. But this high price led light is not for everyone and maybe downright overkill for many. But for people who wants creative purposes and extra output, this one is best option.
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