Production Protocol: COVID-19 (UPDATED 9/6/2021)


As of April 2021, our team is now fully vaccinated as we’ve received both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. However, we’ll still be following the necessary protocols to ensure we carry out our duties as safely as possible until further notice.

In the time of DELTA Variant, it is important to take all precautions and considerations to ensure that everyone on set is protected and feel safe to create their most remarkable work. 


  • On larger productions, all crew members, client and talent are required to get a PCR or Sofia antigen COVID test within 72 hours of production.
  • The creative team will finalize as many creative decisions as possible no later than the pre-production meeting in order to reduce last-minute changes on shoot days and to plan for all sanitary accommodations. The team must plan for appropriate pickup/drop-off/sanitization time for all props.
  • Schedule time entirely devoted to setup and strike to allow for proper sanitization and social distancing.
  • Set a pre-production meeting with a section dedicated to walking through safety procedures and protocols.
  • Anybody at increased risk of severe illness following infection (i.e. individuals belonging to a “high-risk group”) should not be cast or brought onto the crew for any production until health authorities indicate the risk of infection is negligible. 



  • All crew members, talent and client will be required to wear a mask/applicable PPE while not on camera.
  • Each morning, producers will host a daily briefing with a section dedicated to walking through any important safety and COVID 19 procedures for that day specifically.
  • Each morning at the daily briefing, producers will take each team member’s temperature. Producers will be required to keep a screening log with everyone’s temperatures for each production.
  • Sanitizers must have 60% or higher concentration of alcohol.
  • Producers will arrange seating in such a fashion that promotes distancing, and prescribed seating should minimize social interaction between departments so that at-work groupings are maintained on breaks.

Gear/Camera Department:

  • Set up working stations or set up a flow for gear setup that strategically only has one person handling each type of gear i.e. one person on lighting, one person managing camera set up, etc.
  • Each person must individually sanitize their gear after use.
  • When using a lavalier/lapel mic, sound tech should use an additional layer (face shield) to install device on talent.


  • HMU will provide a face shield as to not interfere with their job (hair and makeup).
  • When possible, hair and makeup will be done by talent themselves as needed with guidance from a professional.
  • In the event that physical contact is required for a scene, participating talent is required to sanitize hands before and after.


  • All crew members and talent must wash their hands before entering the craft area.
  • All food and snacks must be served individually, eliminating self-serve/platters and using only disposable paper products.
  • Producers will arrange for no-touch trash disposal.
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