2021 Rome Independent Prisma Awards

We just received news that "VIXEN", Estella Dawn's latest music video which is being released TODAY on all streaming platforms, has been selected as an Official Selection at the 2021 Rome Independent Prisma Awards. We barely made the submission deadline! Let this be an omen to good things to come for Estella and Team Rocket House. Congratulations to all involved. A big thanks to Garrett M. Carlin for designing and manning the stage lights, Lauren Rennells for the hair-styling, Viscosity Dance Company for the choreography and Gio Toninelo for the amazing cinematography.

Rome Independent Prisma Awards was founded by Stefano Perletta in 2018. Hosted by Cinema Azzurro Scipioni, in its first year it saw Silvano Agosti as the president of the jury, a legendary italian director that has worked alongside the greatest italian professionals like Storaro, Morricone, Piovani and many others. Over the course of its second year it moved to Cinema dei Piccoli, one of the oldest movie theaters of Rome in the heart of Villa Borghese park since 1934.

Their film screenings never stopped and they kept sharing independent cinema also during the Covid-19 pandemic, when they opened their Twitch channel where they spread independent films worldwide and for free every month. During the course of the years they have received more than 10.000 projects from 150+ countries in the world and they’ve been reviewed more than 500 times with 5 star on FilmFreeway, thus becoming the #1 most reviewed film festival in Europe. 

Competing works for Best Music Video

Rome Independent Prisma Awards winning films have gone all the way to A-tier festivals like May Day, 1st annual awards winner and Oscar-shortlisted film, Alien by Yeon Je-Wang that got into Cannes Cinefondation, Pierdete entre los muertos by Ruben Gutierrez that was showcased into the feature films at Rotterdam Film Festival and many others.

In September 2020 the Rome Independent Prisma Awards embarked on a new path under the curatorship of a new art director, Marcello Di Trocchio. Films are back on the big screen, this time at the Cinema Farnese, located at the Piazza Campo de' Fiori, near Via Giulia, a Renaissance-era street lined with elite palaces, including Palazzo Farnese, now home to the French Embassy.


The Cinema Farnese, in the heart of Rome Italy.

Marcello Di Trocchio at the Cinema Farnese, Oct. 2021

Rocket House and Gio Toninelo share the nomination with the highly talented director Kasey James (Producer of "The Red Box" miniseries and Co-Founder of The PlayList) and director Oleg Rooz (who directed videos for Gogol Bordello and Suicidal Tendencies).

 In a time where the conflict between quality and quantity is deeply reshaping also the filmmaking panorama, the Rome Independent Prisma Awards selects and award independent movies from all around the world, of any nationality, genre and budget, proposing a competition and a film festival that showcases the most impressive  and meaningful  among them. 

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