Empower Your Customers: INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS

An instructional video production provides your customers with the information they are seeking. By providing great visual instructions, you are empowering them and fostering brand trust and loyalty. We differentiate your instructional videos through the power of digital cinema.

- What Is An Instructional Video Production and Why Invest In Them?

An instructional video production demonstrates how to use a product or service. When done correctly, they can empower your customers and have the potential to build strong brand loyalty and trust. Typically, instructional videos:

  •     Contain clear, concise messaging so the viewer can easily follow along
  •     Are meant to be fun and engaging. Positive experiences with your product or service inspires brand loyalty.
  •     Avoid getting into deep detail. Keeping it at a high level encourages participation.

Many instructional videos feature scripted messaging — conveyed through voice narration, dialogue, or onscreen text. If an emotional payoff is desired, consider including a music track for viewers as they work toward the finish line.

- What Are Best Practices For Instructional Video Production?

Instructional videos tend to be pretty straightforward. Here are some general principles to consider when planning your next instructional video:

  •     Know your target audience.
  •     Define your key messaging, takeaways, or call-to-action.
  •     Less is more. Avoid the temptation to say too much.
  •     Don’t fret over the length of the video. There is no magic duration for instructional videos. Viewers will be patient if the information provided is helpful.
  •     Be authentic. Keep it fun and stay true to your brand.

A well-produced instructional video is a great way to feature the genius behind your product or service. Educated consumers who have positive experiences with your brand can become great advocates to future prospects.

How do I get started on a video production?
If you'd like to learn about the process to produce your video, call us at  (720) 464-7155 or send us a message at ask@rockethousepictures.com.

- What Is The Process For Creating An Instructional Video Production?

Like any video production, you’ll follow a linear flow from Pre-Production, to Production, and through to Post-Production:

  •     Select a messaging style that is a good fit to demonstrate how your product or service works.
  •     Determine whether you want to cast onscreen talent (hand models or full person) or a voice-over to explain instructions.
  •     Identify and secure the ideal filming location.
  •     Plan your shots and develop storyboards when appropriate.

Taking added time and care during Pre-Production to address topics like these is the best way to ensure a successful outcome while avoiding wasted effort and unnecessary expense.

- How Can I Differentiate My Instructional Video Production?

How-To and instructional video productions are everywhere now. To make an impression on your viewing audience, focus on fun and quality with your effort. The more cinematic you make your video, the better the retention and emotional connection viewers will have with your brand. To achieve this, you’ll need Rocket House Pictures' cinematic approach to production:

  •     Keep the message simple and focus on the emotion you want your audience to feel.
  •     Cast professional talent and hire a professional production crew.
  •     Film with cinema-grade cameras and lenses.
  •     Go beyond a tripod to introduce camera motion.
  •     Don’t skimp on gaffers. Lighting is critical to achieving a cinematic look.
  •     Add animation/graphics where appropriate.

Take a deeper dive into these topics and more by exploring how Rocket House Pictures can differentiate your brand by visiting our website.
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