Pricing: Live-Action vs. Animation

 You want to make a video to promote your business. But you may wondering which is more cost-effective: animated or live action? Before we answer that question, let’s take a second to figure out why video should be a part of your marketing plan.

  •     Having video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%
  •     Including a video in an email boosts the click-through rate 200-300%
  •     9 out of 10 users say that product videos are helpful in their decision-making process

Animation or live action?

Video can increase your marketing’s effectiveness. But what about cost? You have a budget. Will animation or live action be more budget-friendly? Many would guess that an animated video would cost less. After all, you don’t need to send out film crews, hire actors, or pay for professional makeup artists. You don’t need to spend money on elaborate lighting, food for the talent and crew, or wardrobe. You don’t need to rent studio space or go location scouting. It would seem that animation is the cheaper option.

The truth

This is something that I run into quite a bit. Usually people think a live action video is going to be more expensive than an animation. But quite often, it’s not.
Why not? A video that meets your needs can be shot simply with good lighting and sound. In many cases, you won’t need professional actors. The location can be your office. If your videographer shoots from a few angles, and create lots of footage, this gives your film editor a lot of material to create from. Animation is design-intense. You have to design the look and feel of the characters, the setting, the color scheme, and the story board. The designer needs to send approval to you every step of the way, and there are likely more than one designers involved in even a simple video animation. The animation also has to match the brand of the company in its video style, tone of dialogue, color, and design. This can be extremely hard to do.


Make the Right Choice for You

Remember, these are generalizations. Animation may not always be more expensive than a live action video. But I’ve heard this misconception often and I’d hate for people to spend extra time, energy, and money on a project that they think they’re saving money on. Animation simply isn’t as easy, quick, or inexpensive as many think.

If you are considering creating videos for your business, and just want to get some feedback from a professional in video marketing, Call Rocket House Pictures... or send us the link to your website, and let us give you some impressions on it. No cost. No obligation. We know that making the right choice for your company can enhance the power of your marketing like nothing else, and we’re happy to help.
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