3 Points to Consider Before Making an Effective Video.

 You probably know that video marketing is both powerful and effective. It can positively impact your position on the search engine result pages (SERPs), and it can determine whether someone understands how to properly use your product or service— and if they even want to use your product or service. How can you test your video’s effectiveness? We’ve got three questions you should ask before you begin.

Do you know what type of video converts best for your audience?

There are so many different types of videos; it’s tough to know which type will be most effective for your audience. Would they respond well to a talking head video? Or would they prefer an animated video? How can you decide which would be best? The best way to decide what would work for your audience is to create your personas. Consider the demographics: Who are the people that make up your audience? What industry or industries do they serve?

Having a better understanding of who you are talking to, will help you understand what will speak to them.

Moving beyond demographics, ask yourself: What are their pain points? What are their motivations? Create a fictionalized person who encompasses these traits. What would that person want to watch? Having a better understanding of who you’re talking to will help you understand what will speak to them.

Is your video built toward a goal?

What do you hope to accomplish with your video? Do you want to boost your sales? Educate your workforce? Reduce the time your team spends on customer service calls?

Telling prospective customers about your service or product isn't enough: you have to show them.

Figuring out the key points you need to make in your video before you even turn on the camera will ensure that you accomplish everything you hope to achieve. Creating a truly effective video depends on proper planning in the production process. Effective videos are under two minutes long— you don’t have a lot of time to say everything you want to say. It’s been proven that videos longer than two minutes have a big drop off in viewership— you can make a longer video, but your audience won’t be there to see it. Maintaining a laser-focus on your ultimate goal will ensure that you don’t wander off topic, which wastes your time and your audience’s time.

Is your message built to stand out?

You know that your organization offers something that others can’t, but telling prospective customers isn’t enough— you’ve got to show them. That's why you're considering video content, right? In other words, words aren’t enough. Nothing showcases your product or service better than a professionally-produced video that offers emotional engagement through storytelling and sound design, stunning visuals, and a clear, concise message.

Nothing showcases your product or service better than a professionally produced video.

55% of people watch a video online every day. 50% of internet users search for videos related to a product or service before they make a purchase. Video gives your customers what they want and shows them exactly why your offerings are superior to your competitors.

Are you ready to take the plunge and create an effective, engaging video to showcase your company? Our production process is goal-oriented. Let’s talk. Contact Rocket House Pictures to chat with one of our video production experts today.

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