8 Video Content Ideas for Small Business

 Creating content – any type of content – requires ideas and a plan. All businesses should intend to create original content to use as part of their marketing. Video is an effective type of content to use to market your small business because it provides you with a way to develop a deeper connection with your current customers. Customers and potential customers can hear and see you, meet your employees, see your small business in action, and learn about all that you have to offer them. If you are planning to implement video into your small business’ marketing plan, here are 8 content ideas to get you started making your small business videos.

  •     Introduce yourself, your employees, or your business through a series of videos
  •     Blogging isn’t your thing? Answer common FAQs you get from customers, through your videos. You can even embed those videos into blog posts so you are publishing fresh content on your site at the same time.
  •     Demonstrate your expertise in your field with informational, educational videos. Think: How Tos and Whys
  •     Demonstrate how a product or service works
  •     Provide a tour of your brick and mortar location
  •     Record and post client video testimonials.
  •     Share a company announcement on video
  •     Interview other business owners who provide products or services that complement what you sell. e.g. If you are a real estate agent, interview a mortgage broker about types of mortgages or what paperwork people need to gather before applying for a home loan.

Another big benefit to video marketing is that videos can be used – and reused – in many ways. The same video that you make for your Facebook Business Page can be uploaded to YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter (pending video length). If you upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, you have the option to embed the video into a blog post or website page as well. Videos can be live or pre-recorded and scheduled for future publishing. So if you didn’t like the first take, start over!

If you have any type of online presence for your small business, you need to start using video. Here at Rocket House Pictures, we work with all kinds of budgets to create memorable videos that will bring you results. You now have 8 ideas for video content. What are you waiting for?

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