How to Prepare Yourself for an On-Camera Interview

 A promotional video is greatly enhanced by audio snippets, or sound bites, of people talking about their company – or their opinion of another company’s services for a video testimonial. It creates another level of engagement and helps the viewer connect on an emotional level too. Being the one giving those soundbites, especially in a formal interview setting, can be a daunting prospect – but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these simple steps in the run up to and during the interview:

Don’t over think your subject

At Rocket House Pictures we've conducted a lot of interviews and have found that those who give the best content are those who haven’t over thought what they’re going to say. The reason you have been chosen to talk on a particular aspect of your business is because you are considered an expert on that subject already. By over preparing we mean writing paragraph after paragraph of text about your subject and trying to remember it. Unless you’re an actor whose used to learning lines, you are likely to fumble over what you are trying to say and get flustered, thus making you fumble even more – and so the cycle continues. What should you do instead? Prepare some talking points – it is certainly important to be clear on the points you want to make, but you should trust that you know enough about the subject to be able to speak confidently on the subject from just a few bullet points. Talk to your colleagues about the best things to talk about in order to get the most effective content from your interview.

Talk to the interviewer before the interview takes place

Here at Rocket House Pictures, the person doing the interviewing could be the one organizing the shoot for you. By discussing the key points of the interview in advance the interviewer will know exactly how to guide you to talking about the right things in an understandable and concise way. Your interviewer will be able to help you give your answers in a conversational manner but ensuring the key points are met.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake

It can be nerve-racking being in front of a camera, with those bright lights shining at you and it is easy to get flustered – it even happens to the professionals! It is completely normal to have a few goes at getting it right – if you make a mistake whilst making a point that is totally fine – just stop, take a breath and start again. Your interviewer will make you feel at ease when you are struggling and there are lots of things a good interviewer will say and do to guide you through. The magic of editing allows us to pick the best bits from the interview allowing us to string together sentences in a way that makes them sound natural and flowing, so having gaps to think about what you want to say and regain your thoughts is completely fine and a normal thing to do!

Being interviewed on camera is a fun and interesting experience. If you prepare yourself properly and allow yourself to enjoy the experience then you will get great results and great content. It is daunting too – some people are natural in front of the camera, some find it more difficult – but with the right instruction and encouragement from your interviewer even the most shy people end up enjoying their time being interviewed and give great contributions!

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