Why make a Corporate Video?

 The fact that you’re reading this blog post suggests that you are at least considering a corporate video. Great choice – you’re on the right track already! But what is the purpose of a corporate video, and why should you take the plunge?

If you’re outsourcing (which we recommend), what benefits can a video production service bring to your business? In a broad sense, a corporate video can refer to any type of company video. As an established corporate video production company, there aren’t many types of corporate video Rocket House Pictures hasn’t created. So, in this blog post, we’ll explain what the purpose of a corporate video is, and how harnessing the power of video will benefit your business. Are you ready?

Building brand awareness

The term ‘corporate video’ is a pretty broad one. Generally, though, the primary purpose of a corporate video is to create awareness of your business, its products and services. This is the bare bones of any marketing technique, but video is especially skilled at fulfilling this purpose. Another phrase for ‘corporate video’ is ‘company video‘ – they mean pretty much the same thing, but ‘company video’ might suggest a broader overview of the whole business. How and where a corporate video is used will depend on its purpose and content. A great example of using a corporate video to build brand awareness is to post it on social media. Social media-friendly videos use short edits of the full-length video; as a result, viewers get a glimpse of your business’ key areas and benefits. Then, ideally, you’d publish the full-length video on your website, directing viewers here to see the full thing. Crucially, this is also where potential customers can learn more and hopefully buy from you.

Improving your conversion rate

Ever since video became the most popular medium online, it’s been a well-known fact that video can improve business conversion rates. Take a look at these stats posted by Wordstream. In particular, the fact that video on a website landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more is pretty mindblowing! Get your corporate video right, and you could see your conversion rates go through the roof. This is another significant purpose of a corporate video. But what do we mean by ‘getting it right’? We mean the content of your video, the quality of your video and where you place it. For example, take product videos. Product videos demonstrate the features and benefits of something you sell. Therefore, they may work best on the page where your customer can buy it. Picture this: a potential customer has just watched an engaging, inspiring video about your product. They’re keen to know more, and even to make a purchase. If you make sure that the ‘Add to Cart’ button is close by… Bingo!

Building trust and confidence

Why are videos so successful at improving conversion rates? Because they help to build trust and confidence in you as a business; not only this, but confidence in the idea that your products are a worthy and beneficial purchase. Another purpose of a corporate video is doing just that. In a world where we’re buying online more than ever, businesses need to be able to sell through a website. However, the lack of human interaction that you’d otherwise get when visiting a shop poses a risk. To the customer, you might be an unknown entity. They can’t see you; they can’t pick up, touch, or try out your products. Can they really trust your brand? Video production, however, can help build this trust. A company video can feel more transparent to viewers than just text and images. Why? Because you can’t hide weaknesses as easily, but more importantly, it gives you a better opportunity to showcase your strengths.

Improving visibility

Another key purpose of a corporate video is boosting the visibility of your products or services. Thankfully, video is best pals with the channels that can make that happen. Let’s start with social media, which we’ve mentioned already in this post.

Social media visibility

Social media users prefer video content to any other medium – it’s high-quality yet digestible, quick yet informative. It’s the perfect answer to people’s urge to scroll, but also their hunger for shiny, new, interesting content. This means social media users are more likely to engage with video content – especially share it. Shares are the most powerful form of engagement you can receive on your content. This is because you know shares are guaranteed to put your content in front of extended groups of people. Whoever shares your video has their own group of followers, who each have a wider group of their own – you get the picture. What’s more, while you could see YouTube as a search engine of its own (it’s the second most visited site after Google), it’s also technically a social media platform, too. And guess what? MILLIONS of people flock to YouTube every second of every day. Just revisit that stat we dropped at the start of this paragraph. YouTube’s unavoidable popularity means that you need to be putting your corporate videos on there, too. People see YouTube as the default: when they’re thinking about your video after seeing it on your website, they might go to YouTube to find it. Make sure it’s there for them to find, view and engage with.

Search engine visibility

This is the main nut you need to crack to get your business growing online. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ – it’s the process of improving and developing your online content to get it ranking higher in search engine results. Sound hard? It can be – but mostly because of how long it often takes to shift your search engine ranking. However, video can speed up the SEO process. Google LOVES video content, so much so that it often prioritises it in results for popular search queries. Therefore, make sure you have a video on your homepage.

      Video is a halfway house between your customers and your business


Overall, think about it this way: video acts as a halfway house. It allows your audience to see a product in use and get a feel for you as a business. Now you know the purpose of a corporate video, there’s no argument that it won’t benefit your business. It’s time to get creating. Creating a video for your company is exciting – and video marketing can bring tangible results for your business. What can make it even better is if you hire a corporate video production company to do it for you. If you want the same benefits and payoff, but without all of the learning and hard work, hire a video production company. They’ve got the experience and expertise to create exactly what you’re looking for. Remember, though, that when it comes to video, you get what you pay for. Therefore, make sure you’re able and willing to pay for high-quality content!  

Interested in working with Rocket House Pictures to create your next corporate video? Get in touch with us about video production. We look forward to hearing from you!

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