The Issue with DIY Marketing Videos

 As more and more businesses turn to video marketing to reach their audience, the competition for viewers' attention has become increasingly fierce. In this crowded landscape, it's important to create high-quality videos that grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of creating their own marketing videos without the proper equipment, expertise, or planning, resulting in amateur-looking videos that don't effectively promote their products or services.

There are several reasons why people don't take DIY marketing videos seriously. For one, the quality of the video is often poor. Without the right equipment, such as high-quality cameras, microphones, and most importantly good lighting, the video may be blurry, shaky, not framed properly or difficult to hear. These distractions can make it difficult for viewers to understand or pay attention to the message of the video and may even turn them off entirely.

Another issue is that DIY marketing videos often lack a clear concept or message. Without a solid plan for what the video should accomplish and how it should achieve that goal, the video may be disjointed, confusing, or simply uninteresting. This can make it difficult for viewers to understand what the video is trying to say, and may lead them to simply skip the video altogether.

DIY marketing videos often lack the polish and respectability of professionally produced videos. Without the expertise of a professional video production company, the video may be poorly edited, with awkward transitions, poor pacing, or other issues that can make it difficult for viewers to watch. This can create a bad impression of the business, and make it less likely that viewers will take the video or the business seriously.

In addition to these issues with the quality and content of DIY marketing videos, there is also the question of consistency. Without the resources or expertise to create high-quality videos on a regular basis, businesses that create their own videos may only be able to produce them infrequently. This can make it difficult for the business to maintain a strong presence on social media or other platforms, and may make it hard for the business to build a loyal audience.

You don’t want to put out junk.


DIY Videos can hurt your reputation.

 Since the pandemic many businesses have lost a lot of money and are now forced to lower their budgets substantially. These DIY videos can be an inexpensive option. It’s important for many businesses to continue advertising. DIY videos can also be used for public relations purposes as well as for marketing. It’s essential to keep your market updated on your business at all times. However, be careful. With self-created videos there’s a range of quality you can get. You don’t want to put out junk. Even though the public is generally accepting self-created work, you can still lose them if you’re not careful. Can a DIY Marketing Video bring results? Absolutely. But in order to create effective marketing videos, it's important to invest in the resources and expertise needed to produce high-quality, professional-looking videos that engage and persuade viewers. By hiring a production company like Rocket House Pictures, businesses can ensure that their marketing videos make a strong and lasting impression on their audience.

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