Lights, Camera, Decision: DIY or Pro Video?

Whether you're a small business owner, a content creator, or just trying to get your message out there, the power of video is undeniable. If you choose to pay someone to make your video, you’ll be out some cash. But on the other hand, if you opt toward DIY video, you will need to buy the equipment and take the time to learn it. The outcome may not be as great, thus lowering clients’ opinion of your company by degrees. It all depends on your business’ reputation and size. If you are just getting started, audiences will hardly give grainy footage or mismatched sound a second thought. But will they take you seriously? Here's the million-dollar question:
When should you take matters into your own hands and hit that record button, and when should you give the reins to a seasoned video production company? 

Let's break it down:



Getting Your Hands Dirty: DIY Videos

Vlogs, Behind-the-Scenes, and Quick Updates: There's something charmingly authentic about a vlog-style video shot on a smartphone. Sharing your day-to-day routine, offering glimpses of behind-the-scenes action, or delivering short, snappy updates can forge a stronger connection with your audience. In these cases, the raw and unpolished feel can actually work in your favor, making viewers feel like they're part of your journey.

Explainers and Tutorials: When it's time to show your audience how to assemble that furniture, use your latest software, or whip up a mean tiramisu, a DIY approach can work wonders. People often prefer step-by-step explanations that feel relatable. Just ensure your lighting and sound are on point, so your audience doesn't end up squinting at their screens or cranking up the volume to decipher your instructions.

Social Media Snippets: Those bite-sized pieces of content that populate your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed? Perfect DIY material. Whether it's a 15-second teaser, a quirky animation, or a brief product showcase, these micro-videos often thrive on immediacy and authenticity.


Calling in the Pros: Professional Video Production

Branding and Advertisements: When you're looking to create a visually stunning ad that radiates professionalism and finesse, it's time to let the pros take the wheel. From crisp visuals to polished scripts, a video production company can elevate your message from mundane to memorable.

Complex Animation and Special Effects: Unless you're moonlighting as a digital wizard, intricate animations and CGI are best left to those who eat, sleep, and breathe pixels. A production company armed with top-notch software and skilled animators can breathe life into your wildest ideas.

Event Coverage: Whether it's a grand product launch or a captivating conference, documenting the event requires a level of expertise that goes beyond handheld cameras and basic editing. Professional videographers know how to capture the essence of the moment while ensuring your message remains intact.

Storytelling Campaigns: When your video hinges on weaving a compelling narrative, it's time to call in the storytellers. Production companies can help craft a coherent and emotionally resonant story that hooks your audience and keeps them engaged till the final frame.


The Verdict

In a nutshell, your choice between DIY and professional video production hinges on the nature of the content and your desired impact. While DIY videos are great for authentic connection and quick, relatable content, professional production comes into play when you need that extra layer of polish, sophistication, or technical finesse. It's all about balancing your capabilities, budget, and the message you want to convey. So, whether you're gripping that smartphone or signing contracts with a production crew, remember: the best videos are the ones that effectively speak your truth to the world. When in doubt, just reach out to Rocket House Pictures. We can work with all kinds of budgets!

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