Our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

Here's our deal: We're all about doing things right, and that means valuing ethics and social responsibility as much as making a buck. Our game plan? Simple. We're all in for our team, small businesses, our film industry, charity partners, and the communities we're part of. They're the real drivers behind our goals, both in the books and on the ground.

Back in 2018, Rocket House Pictures shook things up with a whole new lineup of gigs, projects, and moves that showed we're serious about four things: doing right, performing well, taking care of our crew, and giving Mother Earth a hand.

What's been on the docket? From creating a discount bracket for non-profits and NGOs and lending a hand to mom-and-pop shops and businesses, to shopping with a conscience, and giving our eco-policies a good once-over – we've been busy making bold moves.

Our promise on the Corporate Social Responsibility front goes like this:

  • Our commitment involves providing services that hold real significance and create a lasting impression by involving and responding to the companies, organizations, and individuals we encounter and assist.
  • We're stepping up to make Rocket House Pictures a positive influence in the local scene. How? By running an ethical, sustainable, responsible, and upfront business. Plus, we're using our position to boost the local community wherever we can.
  • Our focus is on backing our employees to reach their aspirations and unlock their full capabilities. We're here to support them in achieving their goals and potential.

Wanna stay in the loop? Hit us up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Your support and two cents mean the world to our mission.

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